Research & Ethics Committee

At the National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh, we ensure research undertaken at the Hospital complies with ethical principles and relevant national, EU and international legislation. Moreover, the Research Ethics & Committee safeguards the rights of Hospital patients who participate in biomedical research studies conducted at the Hospital.

The Committee Chair, Mr Declan Herbert and 7 committee members evaluate, authorise, monitor and research applications in accordance with policy, ensuring conformance with the 1997 Guidelines and Recommendations for European Ethics & Committees.

The Research Ethics & Committee accepts and considers all Hospital research applications.

Applications must be completed and submitted electronically to A curriculum vitae, cover letter and additional information, may be included.

Download Applications and Information

Cappagh_DPIA_Template RF-NOHC-84
Standard Application Form Version 5.6 with Section E updates_20112019
Fact Sheet for applying to the Research Ethics Committee IM-NOHC-121

Investigators must prepare applications according to Hospital Policy (PP-COR-18), and successful applicants must adhere to the procedures outlined in the Hospital Policy.

Applications must comply with the Declaration of Helsinki, Irish Law and European Law.


  • A quorum comprising the Committee Chair, 2 Clinicians and two lay members, convene bi-monthly to assess applications.
  • The Research Ethics & Committee may seek clarifications for submissions.
  • Formal communications issue promptly confirming the Committee’s final decision. Applications may be approved, conditionally approved or rejected.
  • Investigators who receive approval can begin research post-haste
  • Conditionally approved applications must satisfy conditions outlined by the Committee before research can commence
  • Rejected applications can be re-submitted for consideration provided the primary basis for rejection is addressed.

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