Upgrades in the Radiology Department

Exciting changes are afoot in the Radiology Department as works have just completed on the x-ray room refurbishment and equipment upgrade. We are retiring the Hospital’s stalwart x-ray machine, which served us well for more than 20 years, producing over 200,000 impressions during its lifetime. Its successor, the Carestream DRX-Evolution, offers enhanced image quality, improved efficiencies and a host of innovative features, including advanced paediatric capabilities, a higher weight capacity table, and bone suppression software.

Works are ongoing on the MRI 1.5T upgrade, and the new CT scanner’s enabling works will begin this month. The Hospital can now establish a national minimally invasive spinal intervention unit and facilitate the percutaneous treatment of bone tumours such as osteoid osteomas. Affected patients are currently treated in theatre or sent abroad, and treatment waiting lists are significant. The CT scanner will also allow onsite staging of bone and soft tissue tumours, surgical planning for prosthesis surgery, and the onsite diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism.

Each year, the Radiology Department conducts more than 25,000 radiological exams. We look forward to putting our new arsenal of advanced diagnostic equipment to work in the coming months.