Cappagh Foundation Day 26.05.2923: Limb Reconstruction and Neuromuscular Surgery the Paradigm of Modern Surgical Care

Cappagh Foundation Day 26.05.2023: Limb Reconstruction and Neuromuscular Surgery the Paradigm of Modern Surgical Care

The Cappagh Foundation Day will be held at the National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh on Friday, 26th May 2023, in the Lady Martin Auditorium. Convened by Mr Enda Kelly, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cappagh Kids, this year’s event welcomes Guest Lecturers Dr Rachel M. Thompson, Associate Director, Centre for Cerebral Palsy (OIC/UCLA) and Dr Elizabeth W. Hubbard, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

To register for this event, email Ursula.Gormally@nohc.ie
Continuing Professions Development Points pending. Accrediting Body: RCSI.

08:00 Welcome and overview Mr Enda Kelly
Moderator: Mr Thomas Donnelly
08:10 Limb Reconstruction at Cappagh Kids Ms Anna Wade
08:20 Specialist Physiotherapy is Key to Success Mr Chris O’Brien
08:30 Failure to plan is planning to fail Ms Louise McMahon
08:40 Limb Reconstruction Anaesthesia & Analgesia Dr Brid McGrath
08:55 Questions & Discussion
Moderator: Mr Connor Green
09:00 Guided growth and medial debridement in early Blount’s Disease Ms Sinead Boran
09:15 Hemi plateau elevation in Blount’s Disease who and when Dr Elizabeth Hubbard
09:30 Circular frames in CP Mr Enda Kelly
09:45 Questions & Discussion
09:50 Coffee
10:05 Guided growth in the lower limb regardless of deformity location TBA

Limb reconstruction the great debate: Moderator: Mr Enda Kelly

10:10 Guided growth in the lower limb regardless of deformity location TBA TBA
10:15 Guided growth in the lower limb only with a physeal CORA Mr Donnelly
10:20 Recurrent CTEV circular frame correction is a must Mr McMullen
10:25 Recurrent CTEV acute correction is the way of the master Ms Egan
10:30 Debate
10:35 CPT amputation early and always says the voice of experience TBA
10:40 CPT reconstruction is the standard of modern care Dr Hubbard
10:45 Debate
10:50 I never perform soft tissue procedures in congenital lengthening it’s not needed Mr Kelly
10:55 Soft tissue preparation is a must in congenital lengthening Mr Green
11:00 Debate
11:05 Regional analgesia is a must with multiple lower limb procedures Dr Harper
11:10 A block to progress- regional anaesthesia is just that Dr Howlett
11:15 Debate
11:20 Complex case discussion
12:00 Lunch
 Neuromuscular Surgery Moderator: Mr Tom Donnolly
12:45 Botox in Cerebral Palsy- where we were and where we are going to Dr Thompson
13:00 The utility of gait analysis in CP surgery Dr Thompson
13:10 Discussion
13:15 The neuromuscular hip- where are we now? Mr Kelly
13:30 Lever arm dysfunction in neuromuscular disease – how to spot it and what to do Mr Green
13:45 What do we do with the knee in Cerebral Palsy- hamstring release, guided growth? Dr Thompson
13:55 Discussion
14:00 Is there a role for sleep systems et al in the neuromuscular cohort? CRC Physio
14:15 Complex tone management SDR/ITB/Oral pharmacological agents Dr Leonard
14:25 Discussion
14:35 Planovalgus, equinus, cavovarus foot position; an approach and dosing regimen Mr Donnelly
14:45 Treatment and outcomes of crouch gait Dr Thompson
15:00 Complex case discussion
16:00 Coffee/Ice cream
16:30 Cappagh Prize
17:30 Cappagh Prize Presentation and Dr Floyd Medal Award Ceremony
17:45 Meeting Close